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Striking 160 sq. ft. Urban Cabin features hidden hanging garden


This conceptual design for a micro-house in Los Angeles fluidly mixes the indoor with the outdoor.

"Teeny tiny" houses are becoming a big thing in New Zealand and Australia


This is a trend that should catch on everywhere- just building what you need.

Eco Construction : Rencontre inter-pôles d’innovation et clusters


Le 29 juin 2018 à 8h30, venez visiter notre living lab ainsi qu'un chantier où sera présenté un complexe de façade spécifique et l’application in situ de la norme LENOZ(rendez-vous sur le chantier : Rue de l

Macquarie Group offers £500m to finance sustainable projects


Australian investment group Macquarie has offered £500 million to finance green projects.
The money forms part of a new £2 billion facility, with one-quarter earmarked for a range of sustainable initiatives. The first round of £250 million will (...)

City of London commits to 100% renewable energy


The City of London Corporation has announced plans to source 100 percent of its electricity from renewables.
The corporation is the governing body for London’s historic financial district, called the Square Mile, and is separately a major property (...)

Samsung Electronics commits to 100% renewable energy


Samsung has become the latest international company to take the significant step towards obtaining 100 percent of its energy from clean sources.
The South Korean conglomerate made the announcement this week, and will first make the change at (...)

Citizens Leading the Energy & Climate Transition Conference


This conference is a partnership between the European Covenant of Mayors Initiative, The Irish Government’s dialogue on climate action and the Tipperary Energy Agency. It will focus on how citizens can lead the energy & climate transition in (...)

Should the Glasgow School of Art be rebuilt?


This is not a new debate, and raises all kinds of questions.

[Webinar recordings] A common language to boost non-residential renovation


Non-residential building renovation is a complex topic involving different actors such as asset managers, building professionals, manufacturers, public administrations and, of course, building occupiers. Speaking a common language, understandable (...)

Michael Green Architects do Small Wood in Vancouver boat house


The Vancouver architect is famous for "tall wood" but still has a knack for little good wood buildings too.

Glasgow School of Art burns down. Again.


Charles Rennie Mackintosh didn't do a lot of buildings, and this was his biggest and best.

Expresso n°8 - Passif sans frontière


pmp s'est rendue au Salon Passi'Bat en France, organisé par La Maison Passive les 20 et 21 mars derniers.

Modern, high-end tiny house and RV hybrid by Land Ark


This well-insulated tiny house and RV hybrid is built to withstand all kinds of climates.

The Thames Amphibious House


An amphibious house is a building that rests on the ground on fixed foundations but whenever a flood occurs, rises up in its dock and floats there buo

Futurology: a new study looks at the design of the home in 2050


It seems that sometimes it goes to far, and in other ways doesn't go far enough.

Renovating Belgrade - A framework for exploring the potential to renovate the City of Belgrade


The UN Environment Programme (UN Environment) is supporting the Belgrade public authorities to improve energy efficiency of buildings and associated energy systems, as part of its role in the Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA) and District (...)

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