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Elevated treehouse villa is topped with a hat-like roof


Combining new and traditional building techniques, this little house in the countryside is a tranquil retreat.

I give up. Air conditioning is a necessity now


For years, we have been pushing the old ways of keeping cool. They are not enough anymore.

Why you should never eat in bed


Sleeping and snacking are not meant to share the same space for some very good reasons.

Thanks to new tech, it’s easier to Live Better Electrically


From heat pumps to induction, it has never been easier to give up gas.

Piles of peer reviewed research show how bad cooking with gas is for your health


Environmental Engineer Shelly L. Miller tweets out a storm that shows how bad gas stoves are for air quality.

Beautifully minimalist Sowelo tiny home is built using renewable energy


Made in Australia out of a solar-powered workshop, this gorgeous little home incorporates a great layout and clever features.

"Jenga Architecture" is all the rage these days. What's wrong with this picture?


56 Leonard in New York is the poster child for everything we shouldn't be doing, but these days it is much imitated.

Guide pratique pour les architectes


L'intervention des concepteurs sur la consommation d'énergie et sur la qualité de vie est capitale.

Voyage d'étude à Stockholm


Le Cluster Eco-construction en collaboration avec le Cluster Ecobuild (Bxl) et l'UWA, organise un voyage d'étude autour de la construction en bois et l'architecture écologique dans et autour de Stockholm (Suède).Au programme, visite des l'&

Nos bâtiments publics de demain : économes et intelligents ?


Bâtiments publics de demain, c'est aujourd'hui qu'on en parle !


Ford Transit camper van has everything you need, including a toilet


It's hard to live without a toilet, but it is also hard to squeeze one into such a small space without some compromises.

En France: Les chiffres de la construction de logements neufs toujours à la baisse


CONJONCTURE. L'Insee a dévoilé les chiffres de la construction de logement neufs du mois de juin 2018.

LE bureau du futur


Le bâtiment « The Link », conçu par Jaspers-Eyers et le bureau d’Architecture abv +, offrira des bureaux hyper-connectés à ses futurs occupants.

Comment l’automatisation de la logistique impactera les nouveaux standards en matière de bâtiments logistiques


JLL, l’un des acteurs les plus importants du marché de la location et de la vente d’espaces industriels et logistiques en Belgique, vient de publier son étude annuelle sur les tendances du secteur de la logistique.

Have your say on circular houses


An online survey collects inputs on how to best introduce circularity in the housing sector
The HOUSEFULproject has launched a stakeholder consultation process on the development of a methodology for evaluating the circularity level of residential (...)

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