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Company : EPOC

" Vanderlinden "

This late 19th century house has the typical morphology of a Brussels semi-detached house. Its main structural assets are the long, southwest-facing planted garden and the shared back façade.

The annex attached to the back façade creates a strong physical and visual relationship between the living areas and the yard. As a result, the extension becomes a large chassis, a broad view between the inside and the outside on the ground level.
The work takes advantage of the shared area to develop a simple volume, topping the extension and creating a skylight which lights up the central room of the house and expands the space upwards in the annex.
The work provided an opportunity to reorganise the entire house with a service area (entry hall, vertical circulation, shower, bathroom, hallway, etc.), and a served area (office, dining room, living room, etc.). The attic houses the new children’s playroom on both sides. It’s a sort of house within the house, like a Russian doll. The work brings together the contemporary (black, concrete) and the existing idiom (white, wood).

Particular attention has been paid to upgrading the house’s energy efficiency. All of the areas losing energy have been insulated:

  • the floor between the cellar and the ground floor with insulation between the joists
  • insulation of the extension floor slab
  • insulation of the back façade + replacement of the frames with FSC wood frames
  • insulation of the front façade from the inside with hemp and lime blocks + replacement of the frames with FSC wood frames
  • replacement of the roof framing + insulation of the roof with wood wool.

All of the mechanical aspects were rethought: the house is now equipped with a high-efficiency furnace + double-flow mechanical ventilation.


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