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A guide for identifying the reuse potential of construction products


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Reclamation audits are a crucial step towards enhancing the amount of building materials and products being effectively reused by the construction industry. In regard to this general objective, reclamation inventories can serve different purposes:

• Providing building owners and designers of new projects with information on samesite reuse opportunities.

• Advertising the availability of potentially reusable materials to reclamation professionals and other interested parties who will contribute to the effective circulation of the elements.

• Indicating which elements need to be carefully dismantled to the demolition contractor.

• Serving as a decision tool for discussing the effective reclamation and the destination of the products.

This manual presents a method on how to conduct these audits.

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This manual has been produced as part of the project Interreg NWE 739: Facilitating the Circulation of Reclaimed Building Elements (FCRBE), October 2018-January 2022

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